Wow, you need to grow a pair. And stop having such a throbbing hate boner for both me and mysticdownfall. If we’re so horrible why waste your blog space talking about us? You’ve made posts about mysticdownfall as well. And actually my former URL was endgamestelena but people liked this one so I kept it. You’d think you’d be flattered that I’m even acknowledging your ship tbh

Also, HYPOCRISY EVERYWHERE. Have you even looked at my blog? Mysticdownfall is ALL Damon hate and I’m nothing like that so get your shit straight, especially from someone who posts in the anti Stefan tag frequently. So you get your shit together before you put my name on your blog (that has a FUCKING ANTI STEFAN LINK UNDER. THE. SIDEBAR). Jesus.

As far as me being the worst blog ever, I’m pretty sure I have more followers than you so0o0o0o…

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    omfg hahahaha that explains the anon hate I got, they saw my url lmao! :D
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    Send you a message? Why? So you can go and bitch to your minions in the anti Stefan tag about ‘those mean old Stelena...
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    Next time message me instead of posting this to try to get attention. Also you have no idea how many followers I have bc...
  4. euphemismforsex said: I love your attitude about this! They need to get a life and get over themselves and you just keep doing what you’re doing because I personally love your blog and you’ve done nothing wrong!
  5. vervainy said: so pathetic wow they are actually attacking you and mysticdownfall yet they do the same about stefan, just so damn stupid
  6. maryystuart said: wow what a fucking bitch, the anon too. honestly ppl these days, just mind your own damn business, ugh. sweety ignore them your blog is fantastic.